Thank you for your partnership. We consider it a privilege to work with you to forward your mission in our community. The below resources are provided for you, our valued partner, to support you in maximizing your fundraising results. See below a list of team building support tools for your use. They are provided in the order you will most likely use them. Pictures and links are provided throughout as examples and should be replaced as applicable for your organization.

Please contact us at if you have questions. We are here to support your team’s success.

General Resources

R2R – Doc 001 Guidelines

R2R – Doc 002 Sample Project Plan

R2R – Doc 003 Donation Process

R2R – Doc 005 How to Access Donation Reports

R2R – Doc 006 Toggle Between Nonprofit and Athlete Roles

R2R – Doc 007 Image Dimensions

R2R – Doc 009 Reason2Race Logo Files

Event Related Resources

All Programs and Events – opportunities to win donations

All Program Partner Event Logos

Team Building & Support Resources

R2R – Doc 010 Team info for Nonprofit Website (race specific)

R2R – Doc 012 Sample Social Media Posts

R2R – Doc 014 Sample Flyer (Race Specific)

R2R – Doc 016 Sample Newsletter Insert Text

R2R – Doc 018 Sample Join Team Invite Email (race specific) | Sample #2

R2R – Doc 019 Labels Avery 5366

R2R – Doc 020 Sample Response for Interested Team Members

R2R – Doc 025 Sample Message After Networking Event

R2R – Doc 030 Campaign Ideas (non race related)

R2R – Doc 060 Sample Welcome To The Team Email

R2R – Doc 065 Sample Encouragement to Raise Goal

R2R – Doc 075 Sample First Donation Congrats Email

R2R – Doc 080 Sample Fundraising Tips

R2R – Doc 085 Sample Great Job Email

R2R – Doc 090 Sample Thank You Letter


Productivity Tools

WEBINAR: Unlock the Power of Email (Outlook)

WEBINAR: Finding and Recognizing Leaders For Your Cause

WEBINAR: Excel and MailChimp Tips and Tricks

WEBINAR: Excel 101 Back to the basics

Fundraiser Resources

Click here to find links to the following resources. We recommend you send the link to your fundraisers so they can access the below resources.

R2R – Doc 050 Campaign Setup Instructions

R2R – Doc 051 Update Profile Picture

R2R – Doc 053 Customize Campaign

R2R – Doc 055 Sample Campaign Stories

R2R – Doc 070 Sample Emails

R2R – Doc 071 Sample Email Plan

R2R – Doc 072 Corporate ask letter

R2R – Doc 073 Sample Fundraising Letter to Mail via USPS

R2R – Doc 076 Sample Final Event Update Email

R2R – Doc 078 Offline Donations

R2R – Doc 080 Download Donor Data

R2R – Doc 084 Sample Fundraiser Thank You Note to Donor

R2R – Doc 087 Send an update email after event