Purpose of Email

It is recommended that this type of email be sent to team members on a monthly basis to acknowledge them for the great job they are doing on your team. It is a great way to say:

  1. We are so proud of all the work you have done so far on your donations
  2. We care about your fundraising progress
  3. You are a valued team member and we care about your success
  4. You are not alone in your excitement on reaching incremental fundraising milestones

We recommend copying your Leadership Team on this email so they may take the opportunity to congratulate your team member as well. In our experience, athletes appreciate this congratulatory communication as it makes them feel very special and part of a supportive team.


Sample “You are doing a great job” Email

Subject:  Congratulations Team XYZ member John!

Hello John,

Congratulations John on your fundraising progress to date.  You have already reached $200. Way to go!



Your event is around the corner, and we can’t wait to see you at the finish line.  Thanks for letting {insert cause name here} support your racing success this season. We are so proud to have you on our team!

At this link are some sample emails that might help in sharing your event goal with friends a family.

Many thanks!