Reason2Race supports individuals, nonprofits and corporations in making their community impact.

What is your Reason2Race?

Reasons4 Individuals

Pick any type of event. Pick any cause. Experience how making a difference for others makes a difference for you.

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Reasons4 Nonprofits

Let R2R show you how to empower others to be a voice for your cause.

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Reasons4 Event Directors

Become a Program Partner and join the ranks of R2R to take your event to the next level.

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Reasons4 Corporations

Give employees a unique team building opportunity. Provide them motivation to achieve their wellness goals by giving them a Reason2Race.

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We encourage individuals to pick an athletic goal and to choose a Reason2Race. Experience how making a difference for others makes a difference for you.
What is your Reason2Race?


"I would not be here doing these races I love so much if it were not for the inspiration of Team COCI and Reason2Race who introduced me to racing!"

- Lauri, Team COCI

"Your service to help us get started is impressive."

- Jenny, Katy Students Run

"Thank you, Reason2Race! You truly do an excellent job; I appreciate your customer service more than you know…"

- Gretchen, CERI Kids

"Thank you Reason2Race for all that you do! You are doing an amazing job and it is making a difference! You are the BEST! Decker (6 year old son) is so excited and motivated to help his friend Will through his 2K run. He has a sweet heart and a tremendous amount of compassion to help others. I am a very proud Mom!"

- Nancy