Toggle Between Nonprofit and Athlete (Fundraiser) Role

As a Nonprofit Administrator, by default you also have an Athlete role, under which you can create your own fundraising campaigns. At times you may need to “toggle” between these roles depending on what functions you want perform. See below instructions to switch between these roles.

Step 1

At the top right corner of or your campaign, click the LOGIN link.

Step 2

At the top right corner, click your name and select the VIEW AS ATHLETE option in the dropdown list.

Once you toggle to your ATHLETE role, you will see only 3 tabs and a list of your current or inactive campaigns. With this role you can perform functions like editing your personal fundraising campaigns and joining an event team.

Step 3

To toggle to your NONPROFIT administrator role, at the top right, click your name and select VIEW AS NONPROFIT.

As a Nonprofit, you will see seven tabs.  With this role you can perform functions like adding events, adjusting the About Us section for your nonprofit and downloading monthly payment reports.

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