January 5, 2020

Dear Sandy,

On behalf of Team {your nonprofit name here} and all the XYZ served by {your non-profit name here}, thank you for being a part of the Clear Lake team!

{Insert some text here of when your cause began and a little about what you do}

You make the difference.  This year so far more than 20 supporters and volunteers from across the United States have joined Team {your non-profit name here}.   Thanks to your support as a team member, we have already raised over $25,000!

We hope your experience on our team has been phenomenal, and we are so proud of you for reaching big this year with your goals! It has been a joy to serve {your non-profit name here} with you, and we hope you join us once again next season and choose {your non-profit name here} as your Reason2Race for whatever event you choose.

Our Leadership Team and I thank you very much!



{Insert your name here}

{Insert picture of your cause beneficiaries if available – adds a personal touch.}



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