Sample Campaigns

The Reason2Race platform is designed for you and your supporters to set up any type of fundraising campaign, not just those which are race related. We know that your supporters want to help forward your mission, and sometimes they have creative ways to do so. Now you can give them an easy and effective medium to tell your story and raise funds for your cause.

Invite them to set up a birthday or wedding registry campaign. It’s easy to request donations “in lieu of gifts”.  Encourage your yogi (or yogi hopeful) supporters to dedicate their month of yoga practice to your nonprofit. Do you do bowling or golf events? Add the peer-to-peer fundraising component to increase your event’s success. It’s easy.

See some examples below – click images or direct links below.

Other creative fundraising ideas include: doing a karate competition, performing in a dance or band event, starring in play, climbing a mountain and volunteering during a community day. The sky is the limit for how others can support and forward your mission.

  • Anna did a yoga program in honor of her charity. Click here
  • Brian did bowling tournament in honor of his cause. Click here
  • Jake did a high school lift-a-thon for his football team’s fundraiser. Click here
  • Zeina raised funds for her high school dance team through the parent booster club. Click here
  • Sarah and Oscar set up a wedding registry campaign for their cause. Click here
  • Delisle fundraised at a golf tournament for his cause. Click here
  • Becky set up a birthday campaign to raise funds for her cause. Click here
  • Todd did a ski patrol event in honor of his charity. Click here
  • Arlene did a body building competition for her cause. Click here

Contact us here to ask about other ideas to offer your supporters. Empower them to make their difference.