Sample Email Plan (Yoga Specific)

Emails are the most effective way to share about your 40 Days and raise funds for your cause. Take on this 3 email approach (plus your post-event update) to maximize your fundraising efforts. It’s easy and time efficient. For example, take this approach with 30 people. In total, the process should take about 60-90 minutes over the course of about 4-6 weeks.  That is not a lot of time.  Take just 15 minutes now to get started.  Add your personal touch to each example.

STEP 1: 

Send this email to all your contacts. 

NOTICE – These emails ares sent to INDIVIDUALS, not as a mass email.

Hey Sarah!

On XXX I am doing the 40 Days program again, and this year I’m adding a special component to my journey.  I’m dedicating my practice to the XXX that ABC charity serves. I can’t tell you how excited I am. This program consists of doing 6 days of yoga weekly, meditating twice daily and even doing a juice cleanse. I know. It sounds great!

My goal this time is to not only finish the 40 days but to also make the biggest difference I can for the XXXX that ABC supports.

Check out my story and read about the great things ABC makes available here:

Please consider making a donation at the above link to ABC and supporting me in finishing my 40 days strong.

Thank you so much!



STEP 2: 

Send this email to all your contacts 2-3 weeks after you send Email #1.


Hello Sarah,

I wanted to give everyone an update on my 40 days progress.

My Yoga: I have successfully finished weeks X and Y, meaning I did my 6 days of yoga each week and advanced to week Z. I feel great, and my body is doing wonderfully! I’ve found that by sticking to my yoga regime, I feel like I can accomplish anything.  I never thought I could fit 6 days of yoga into my schedule, but I’m doing it. I’m so happy that I am right on track. I can’t say enough about all the support and encouragement I have received. Thank you so much!

My Fundraising Goal: I am already XXX way to my goal of $###. I hope you are considering a contribution of any size to this great organization. Not all kids have the same advantages, and I just want to do my part to ensure these XXX kids have a shot at having a great life!

Just click this link to read my story and donate.

Thanks again,


STEP 3: 

Send this email to all your contacts the week before 40 days completion

Hello Sarah,

The 40 days completion is only ## days away. I am so excited for this accomplishment. The biggest challenge for me has been doing the meditation and it’s been the biggest reward for me. It has really helped me get centered on my goal and make time for me. Something that has been lacking up until this 40 days.

I am only $### form my goal of $####. There is still time to push me over the top. Click this link,, and give generously.

I will send out a final update to let you know how my program completion goes. Yay!

Thank you,


Last but not least. Use this email to send a follow up AFTER your event.


Email Subject:          Check out how my 40 days went.

Hello Everyone!

I did it!  On XX, I completed the 40 days!  I had a fabulous time meeting new friends and challenging my mind and body like I never have before, and you were a part of my success!

{add something here about your experience here}

THANK YOU to everyone who made a contribution to XXXXX.  Your generosity will go a long way and will support so many.   For those of you who would still like to donate to XXXXX, there is still time. Our deadline for donation collection is {two weeks from event date}

Please go here to donate:

Thank you for all your support and words of encouragement while I participated in 40 days! It was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait until next time!

Warmest Regards,