We are glad you are here! You have reached this page for one or several of the below reasons:

  1. You wish to view your fundraising campaign
  2. You want to log into your Reason2Race account
  3. You would like to donate to a friend’s fundraising campaign
  4. You are an individual supporter or nonprofit representative looking to raise funds for your cause

After 12 years of providing technology services, we have made changes with our Reason2Race offerings and invite you to contact us to address your fundraising needs. We are excited to connect with you!


The good news is that we are continuing to work with nonprofits on peer-to-peer fundraising yet have widened our net and discovered additional ways to support the success of our community. We are now providing additional services to our nonprofit and for-profit clients. These services include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Board Meeting & Retreat Facilitation
  • Fundraising Consulting
  • Staff Team Building Workshops
  • Technology Applications Group Training & 1-1 Coaching
  • Corporate Community Outreach Consulting

We encourage you to contact us, especially if when you read the above services list you said to yourself, “We could definitely use this at our organization.” We are ready to answer your call and explore how to support you and your teams continued success.

Thank you again for your interest in Reason2Race and supporting our valued community. Visit our website for more information: