Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Solutions for Individuals

Are you an individual who is seeking a creative way to get fit and support your cause in the process? Reason2Race is committed to supporting individuals in reaching their goals by providing a FREE platform to raise awareness, collect donations, and track their progress.

Reason2Race Success Stories

Every season, dozens of individuals choose a Reason2Race. Some of them are new to setting health goals. Some have been doing athletic events for years. What they all have in common is that they want something special to motivate them to achieve big. Get to know some of our fundraising individuals. Watch the videos and be inspired by those who have reached their personal goals while at the same time doing their part to impact the lives of others.


Thanks for sharing this awesome tool!  I love what you guys have created!
Reason2Race will truly hold you accountable to your health goals. You will never feel like quitting or giving up because you know you are training and racing for people who need your help… an amazing organization to work with, and the BEST race experience was when I ran for a charity through Reason2Race.
I’d just like to say Reason2Race is an absolutely great thing! Its feels so good to have helped out my nonprofit, and I’m sure I’ve made some life long friends in the process. This has truly been a humbling experience and I’ll definitely be a proud supporter of Reason2Race in my future events, and will try and get other people that I know to use y’all to pick a charity for their own events!

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