Running for Sole Loved

Published On: February 2, 2018|By |Tags: , , |Categories: Donation Programs, Fundraiser Stories|

We share with you a story of kids making a difference. Eve 12, Marcus 10 and Curtis 9 love running and racing, and this season they decided to do so for others.

Read and be inspired by Curtis’s post race story below. He shares how running for a cause propelled him to his finish line and had him experience just how much he’s capable of accomplishing, no matter what.

“After finishing the 5K, my body was freezing cold. I knew I had had a great race. My legs hurt walking back. I thought to myself, “If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.” I thought about all the kids that don’t have shoes. With the $2,516 that we raised for Sole Loved, we could buy a lot of shoes for a lot of kids. I imagined all the people who didn’t have shoes carefully opening a new pair of shoes in a shoe box. I imagined how happy they would be and so grateful to have shoes. I thought about all the hard work we had done, and I knew it would be worth it. We had helped lots of people. I was so proud of myself for not quitting the race. It hurt but I kept on doing it. Running is fun for me. You can fun for lots of reasons, but running for Sole Loved I knew that lots of people would be happy. I was proud of myself.” – Curtis, Team Sole Loved

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