Gabrielle conquered the Snapping Tortuga!

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Hi Everyone!

A big THANK YOU goes out to my COCI donors:  Chris, Gita, Darryl & Abyd. As I was swimming on Sunday, I was thinking about how much I appreciate your support. Thanks for getting me to the finish line!


On Sunday 4/15/12, I completed a 2.5K swim (1.5 miles).  Why do a swimming race you ask? All in preparation of the 2.4 miles I will be swimming on 11/25/12 at Ironman Cozumel.  Hubby Bill was the encouraging force that got me to sign up because he knows swim practice is what I need most. So true!

My finish time was 57:12 minutes.

A point of reference: on 4/1/12 at the half ironman event, I did the 1.2 mile swim in 53 minutes. So not bad for the Snapping Tortuga.

As for the course, wow, it sure is different swimming in choppy water. Uncomfortable mainly because it’s hard to get a rhythm, and it felt like I swallowed a gallon of water. Needless to say about a third of the way in I was looking for a kayak to take me back to the dock. Yes I wanted to quit, but no I didn’t.  I just kept thinking: This is temporary. Keep going!

When I came out, Bill told me I finished in under an hour, and I didn’t believe him (sorry honey) – mainly because that choppy water threw me so off that I felt like I was swimming in place.

All in all – it was a great time because I had my buds out there with me. Special congrats goes to fellow Team COCI ( member Claudia Bravo Harris for finishing the THREE MILE swim in under 1:30.  AMAZING!!!


I’m glad to report good news on the nutrition front. I’m eating my 5 meals per day, logging my food in my journal and drinking at least 64 oz of water each day. They goal is 112 oz (1 gallon).  Wow, does it help having pre-cooked healthy meals in my fridge.  RealMeals365 is helping me out in this arena. I go to their Washington/Shepherd store about every week or every other week to stock up.  Now, it may sound silly to you, but yes, keeping my fridge stocked with food is a major chore for me. Sounds so basic, but man….to me it’s like eating is the 4th sport of Ironman. Non-stop food.

I’m now noticing a difference in how I feel during workouts. If I’m fueled, I do well. When I’m not, I don’t. I’m gonna keep my eye on this food thing, because it’s a simple one for me to let slide. Not this time though!

3.  My Reason2Race – Cherish Our Children International (COCI)

Having a Reason2Race most definitely did wonders for me on Sunday. In fact on Thursday 4/12/12 fellow teammates/athletes and I met with several of the kids from the supported program No More Victims. These kids have one or more parents incarcerated. They openly shared what that is like for them. What courageous kids these are. They inspire me with their strength and tenacity to overcome the odds put before them, and I’m glad they were with me in spirit as I swam each stroke. Thanks kids!


I talked to my coach today, and she told me to pick out some Sprint and Olympic races to do throughout the season. I will probably do the Sugar Land triathlon in June put on by our friends at Finish Line Sports ( She also suggested I do another Half Ironman in September to gauge progress.  I’m feeling good about tackling another prior to Cozumel.  Thanks coach Wendy Hammerman for keeping me focused on the end goal and for making sure I’m well prepared. I’m so glad you are on my side!

I will keep in touch. Thanks for reading!

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