Sample Join Team Invitation


Email Subject:  We invite you to take the BIG Impact Charity Challenge with us!

Have you ever wanted to do a yoga 40 Days challenge? Well now’s your chance to make your goal a reality.

We are excited to introduce you to Team {nonprofit name}. For the 9/12/16 – 10/21/16 BIG Power Yoga 40 Days, we are taking the Charity Challenge and are dedicating our practice to {nonprofit name}.

We are looking for 50 people to join our team, and we invite you to be a part of the fun!

Take these 3 simple steps below or at this link to join our team:[insert your link extension here]

Step 1: Register for the 40 Days. (

Step 2: Set up your personal story/fundraising campaign – Click JOIN EVENT TEAM here:{Nonprofit Name}/{Event Name}

Step 3: Share your story with family, friends and colleagues!


There is NO COST to set up a donation campaign. We have NO fundraising minimum, and we suggest you set a high goal, at least $1,000 because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Join us won’t you?

Let’s all do 40 Days together. Let’s have {nonprofit name} be our motivation and support us in making our health and wellness goals happen!

Contact me if you have questions!

Go Team!