Sample Email Plan (JV Band)

  • Emails are the most effective way to raise funds
  • Use this 3 email approach
  • Email 30 people
  • This strategy takes 60-90 minutes over the course of about 4-6 weeks.
  • Take just 15 minutes now to get started.
  • Add your personal touch to each example.


EMAIL 1: Send this email to all your contacts

NOTICE – These emails are sent to INDIVIDUALS, not as a mass email.

Hey Sarah!

Check it out! I’m a member of the Jersey Village Band and Color Guard. We are out to have a great year. Read my story about the great things we are up to this yea and support us with a donation. Click this link:

This year we will be performing different pieces inspired by our theme “48th and Broadway.”

As you know the band and color guard prepare us to be ready for what’s next. It teaches us how to work with others as a team, how to be prepared and comfortable presenting to large audiences, how to lead and follow, how to analyze information and use it to produce results. These are all assets we need to take with us as we move into the next phase of their lives.

We invite you to support us to make this year’s experience the best it can be. You can allow us to close the gap and provide additional opportunities for everyone. Click my campaign pages link below and make a generous donation.

Thank you for your support.


EMAIL 2: Send this email to all your contacts 2-3 weeks after you send Email #1.

Hello Sarah,

I wanted to give you an update. We have had XX performances and learned XX pieces. We are halfway through the season and I am looking forward to our upcoming events.

My Fundraising Finish Line: Wow – is all I can say. I am already xxx way to my goal of $xxxxxx. I’m almost there! If you were planning on donating to support me to my finish line, there is still time. Just click this link to read my story and donate.

With much appreciation,


EMAIL 3: Send this email to all your contacts the week before your event.

Hello Sarah,

I can’t believe our season is coming to an end. It has been great. We have only xx number of performances left. I will be thinking of you and everyone when I am out on the field at at our competitions.

I so appreciate all the support I’ve received. I am only $xxxxxx from my goal of $xxxxxx. There is still time to push me over the top.

Click this link to donate.

Thank you for your generosity!

Next week, I will email a report letting you know how the event went.

Thank you,


EMAIL 4: Last but not least. Use this email to send a follow up AFTER your event.

Click here.