I Like to Move it Movement

Published On: October 15, 2020|By |Categories: Nonprofit Partner Mentions, Reason2Race Mentions|

Nate Herrington is creating a fitness movement—one that’s inclusive, gets people on their feet, and gives people something to walk away with (a badge of honor on their hearts, and maybe a little sweat on their yoga mats). Herrington is the founder of the I Like to Move It Movement, a 21-day fundraiser that anyone can do from home. The fundraiser—benefitting Houston LGBTQ-focused non-profits Tony’s Place and Out for Education—has a lofty, but achievable, goal of $30,000.

“A fitness movement in the name of mental health is missing from the gay community,” Herrington says. He knows all too well the struggle with mental health faced by many gay men. Herrington, 39, has been teaching yoga for nearly a decade after surviving a suicide attempt at age 30 when his tumultuous twenties came to a head. Looking back with fresh eyes, Herrington is paying it forward by sharing his relationship with yoga with a community he cares for………

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