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2017 Fundraising Goal – $10,000


Reason2Race partners with Living Well Therapies to give you the Tai Chi Community Health Challenge program which allows participants to enhance their Tai Chi experience by raising funds and awareness for their favorite causes.

The mission of the Living Well Therapies is to encourage conscious living, engage human potential, and empower self-mastery in pursuit of health, happiness, and a higher quality of life. As a way to forward the Living Well Therapies vision to empower humanity’s next level of evolution, we are excited to support your Tai Chi experience in a fun and unique way. You are invited to participate in the Tai Chi Community Health Challenge in honor of your favorite nonprofit. Raise awareness and funds for your favorite cause, and watch how making a difference for others makes a difference for you.

Please contact us here to inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

Steps to Participate

  1. Register for Tai Chi Community Health Challenge (coming soon)
  2. Craft your story on a free Reason2Race donation page HERE
  3. Share your story with family and friends!

Location and Time

2018 – Date coming soon

Donation Program

Coming soon.