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Create an effective, sustainable fundraising model for your organization.

How Reason2Race Works

Reason2Race empowers athletes to include a bigger context in their racing endeavors. We encourage them to choose a cause to support them in reaching their finish line goal.

That’s where you come in.

Reason2Race partners with non-profits who are interested in building a successful fundraising model focused on athletic events. We believe there is an athlete in every person, and if that person has a big enough “Reason2Race” – a big enough reason to train for and complete an event, their experience of accomplishment will be like no other. They experience what it’s like to make a difference and to reach their race goal, no matter how new or old that goal might be.

If you have athletes choose your cause as their Reason2Race, you will be amazed by the results produced for your organization and your cause.

See sample athlete page #1

See sample athlete page #2

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What Reason2Race Provides

We provide these tools to enable non-profits to maximize this unique fundraising method:

  1. Online fundraising pages for athletes to craft their message and share their race goal with family and friends
  2. Unlimited events and athlete pages – Athletes can race any event, anywhere, anytime of the year
  3. Reliable and secure donation processing
  4. Unique marketing message that communicates clearly the opportunity it is to choose your cause as a Reason2Race
  5. Support to ensure fundraising is maximized and questions are answered timely
  6. Yearly subscription fee includes
    •    Automatic eligibility into Special Event Opportunities powered by Reason2Race: http://reason2race.com/events/
    •    Special Events Opportunities include option to win thousands of additional donation dollars for your cause
    •    Invaluable team leader one-on-one coaching and support to ensure maximum value is achieved in partnering with Reason2Race.
    •    Over 15 communication templates for building and supporting your athletic team in their racing and fundraising goals
    •    Support in answering the key question “How do I encourage athletes to choose my cause as their Reason2Race?”
    •    Ability to have unlimited athlete pages
    •    Branding on athletes’ pages including your organization’s logo and message on each page
    •    Use of our admin tool for managing your athlete events, athlete accounts and donor information
    •    Monthly distribution of donor reports formatted for easy upload into your CRM system
    •    Unlimited email and phone support

What Reason2Race Costs

We keep our costs low, yet the benefits your organization achieves from this fundraising model are high.

  1. Each non-profit pays $500/year subscription fee.
  2. Athletes set up fundraising pages at no cost to them
  3. Each online donation incurs a 6.5% processing and handling fee*
  4. There is no cost for offline donations received by your organization (tracked on Reason2Race athlete pages)

What Our Partners Say

“Easiest fundraising effort we have, by far.” – Jodie, Lucky Dog Rescue

“LOVE THE REASON2RACE PROGRAM. Their staff is AMAZING and really took my charitable fundraising to a whole new level by being my amazing mentor and partner.” – Jennifer, A4, Inc.

“I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work with someone that thinks like we do.  Where has Reason2Race been all of our lives?” – Matthew and Rachel, Shawn’s Anomaly

“Our team members Keri and Francisco did great with your model!  We all really had fun Saturday morning.  I know I felt very invigorated after the race.  So glad to have joined R2R.  – Carly, Discover Fitness Foundation


*Given Reason2Race is committed to making a difference with others, 50% of our profit is given away to charitable causes each year. We see this as yet another way to make an impact in our local and global communities.

For questions or to partner with us to start building your effective fundraising model today, please contact us at info@reason2race.com. We would be honored to support your success!

Thank you for your interest in Reason2Race!


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