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About the program

Reason2Race partners with Onurmark Productions give you the Onurmark Giving Challenge which awards $12,000 in prize donations ($2,000 per race) to the charities of the highest athlete fundraisers.

Onurmark believes in giving athletes of all levels a competitive advantage, encouraging you to strive for and reach your peak level of performance. In addition to providing you an excellent racing experience, they and are excited to support your racing success in yet another way. You are invited to participate in the Onurmark Giving Challenge  and race for the charity of your choice. Raise awareness and funds for your favorite cause, and watch how making a difference for others makes a difference for you.

Meet the 2014 Participating Athletes Here

Kemah Triahlon

Team Mission in Motion   Team LLS  Team Hannah’s Hope/Justin’s Triumph 

Team St. Joseph’s/White Rose Women’s Center

Press Releases

In 2012 and 2013, 104 athletes raised over $135,000. Congratulations!

$12,000 in prize donations

Onurmark Productions is happy to award the following donations to the charities of the highest athlete fundraisers per race (6 races total).

  • 1st place athlete fundraiser wins $700 for his/her cause
  • 2nd place athlete fundraiser wins $500 for his/her cause
  • 3rd place athlete fundraiser wins $250 for his/her cause
  • 4th place athlete fundraisers win $125 for his/her cause
  • 5th place athlete fundraiser wins $75 for his/her cause
  • 6th place athlete fundraiser wins $75 for his/her cause
  • 7th place athlete fundraiser wins $50 for his/her cause
  • 8th place athlete fundraisers win $500 for his/her cause
  • 9th place athlete fundraiser wins $50 for his/her cause
  • 10th place athlete fundraisers win $50 for his/her cause

How the program works

  • There is no cost to take the Onurmark Giving Challenge
  • There is no minimum fundraising requirement to participate
  • We encourage you to shoot for a high goal, at least $1,000
  • Win prize donations for your favorite cause by being one of the top 10 fundraisers

About the Onurmark spotlight charities

Every athlete is free to raise funds for any 501c3 charity through the Texas 10 Charity Challenge. Those who do not have a charity in mind but know they want to raise money are urged to race for one of the race spotlight charities.

Click a logo to set up a donation page for a charity -

04/26 – 04/27/2014 Kemah Triathlon

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church is a sacred space in the heart of Houston where people seek, find, and respond to God’s love and grace. Team Mission in Motion was created to empower, motivate and inspire St. Paul’s community and friends to “get fit and give back” through training and fund raising. 



08/02 – 08/03/2014 Bridgeland Triathlon

Freedom Place is a Christ-centered care & recovery center for underage female victims of domestic child sex trafficking. It is the first Texas facility of its kind. Its mission is to offer a successful path to freedom for children who have suffered as sex slaves. It is part of the Arrow Child & Family Ministries global family of services dedicated to helping abused & neglected children achieve their greatest potential through foster care, adoption services and other preventative programs for at risk individuals and families.


08/31 – 09/01/2014 Towne Lake Triathlon

Cherish Our Children International creates and funds programs and projects that provide a brighter future for the world’s most venerable children. COCI stands for a world in which each child has the opportunity to live life fully and to make their unique contribution.


10/11/2014 Monster Mash Run

Workshop Houston’s mission is to provide youth with creative, technical, and educational resources. Their vision is to lay the groundwork for a just society by creating a community that provides youth with support, expanded opportunities and alternative definitions of success. Communities are the primary social unity capable of progressive change; Participating in a positive and engaged community that recognizes interdependence and supports and mentors youth is the best way to inspire youth to reach their full potential.



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Thank you for choosing a Reason2Race and letting one of our valued non-profit partners support your finish line success.  Questions? Please contact us at info@reason2race.com.