Congratulations for not only doing a great job at the event but for the incredible difference you made for so many children. See our awesome event photos here or on our Team COCI Facebook fan page here.

We had a great May 19, 2010 celebration evening! Thank you all for attending. Photos to be posted soon.

Because you all opened your hearts to the COCI children, our anticipated final fundraising status for the Lone Star team will be $40,279.32 Great job everyone! This EXCEEDS our $40k goal! We are so proud of you!

Now, as for what’s next, Team COCI is powered by Reason2Race, and all season long we invite triathletes to pick one event to really go for it and make a difference for the COCI children. So for any of you athletes looking to take your triathlon participation to the next level, be a part of our team and watch how the children help YOU reach and exceed your performance goals!

Read more about Team COCI here.

Become a COCI Facebook fan here.

Here’s to a great season!